ICAN - Informal Caribbean & African Network

The ICAN network was set up to create a simple, enjoyable and effective way to allow for people of African and Caribbean decent to get together and expand their personal network.  In a time when online networks are blazing the trail, we still feel that there is huge value in the physical meeting format of networking.  We thoroughly support the concepts of online networking but we aim to fuse the two formats to create something new.  ICAN is not focussed on any particular outcomes, rather we aim to support you in making of it what you want to.  Business links, Social Links, Profesional Links or just a good night out, we are in support of it all.       Networking is something we believe  to be of massive value to everyone.   As ICAN grows and develops we believe that our network is an effective and productive forum within which you can  find friends, employees, business partners, apprentices, mentors to name but a few.  Feel free to come along on your own, you done need to bring anyone, just yourself and a willingness to network.

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